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An industry-specific marketplace where we help Jamaicans buy, sell and source resources more efficiently.

tradewindzjamaica.com is a digital platform where buyers and sellers in Jamaica can trade particular goods and services according to the intricacies of particular industries.    We provide classified and e-commerce advertisements on our website and help to market the offers and inventories of Jamaican MSMEs. Our business model and product structure is quite unique in that we will visit a business and assist in all aspects of helping them to position offers online.  We have been working assiduously on catering for the needs of the automotive industry with plans to grow into others.

Our mission is to connect the Jamaican market to the businesses for enhancing or expediting one’s ability in access particular resources conveniently.  Often times much needed resources are available here on the island however there are so many barriers to get to them; our job is to minimize the barriers.

Our automotive classified ads promote; Domestic, commercial and industrial vehicles, motorcycles, auto parts and auto Services.  The e-commerce service markets a deep inventory of motor vehicle parts, supplies and tools.  We partner with particular local suppliers and fulfill online purchases to the desired addresses of Jamaicans based local or abroad.  Besides classifieds and e-commerce ads, we source special requests through our partnerships or growing resources. So far we have satisfied the needs of several Jamaican motorists and are repeat suppliers to a number of national and international companies.  What can we do for you or your business?

 — LEIGHTON BROWN, Manager of Tradewindz Jamaica


We go through extensive training so that we may provide you with the information you need to make an educated decision in choosing the vehicle, part or service that is right for your needs.

  • Competence
  • Integrity
  • Efficiency
  • Communication
  • Respect



What’s your car worth?  Ready for an upgrade? Do you have auto parts that you won’t need but are in usable condition?  Searching for a particular part or service? Register and post a classified ad for free on our website or just contact us and we can help to post it for you.

Place your offer and inventory where it matters.  Do you provide goods or services relevant to the automotive community?  Are you being considered over all the alternatives or at least among them?  Call our sales team and let us help your stimulate sales

Let us help you create a digital presence.  Google profiles, social media accounts, websites, video ads we can help you to create impactful digital marketing solutions.


Sourced Honda parts

I am so grateful to the Tradewindz team for always being able to help me to get what I need when I need it! They save me time and money. No matter what I need, they can get it. The team is professional and very efficient.
CM – Montego Bay, St. James

Sourced hard to find part

There was a car part I was unable to find after calling several popular used parts suppliers.  I approached Tradewindz Jamaica to help me source the part internationally.  Interestingly, they were able to source the part from a smaller local supplier I had no idea about.  The transaction was transparent, quick and excellent value for money.  KM – Ocho Rios, St. Ann


Leighton Brown


Oliver McKenzie

Content manager/ Industry specialist

Veronique Edmondson

Marketing Manager

Devane Wilson

Part sourcer/Account manager

Alderine Haye

Financial controller